Thursday, May 30, 2019

#FT8 have fun, don't be too serious!

Come on, don't be too serious in this hobby! Have fun, in the end what do you have to prove? All this DXCC counting and collecting band slots is just for you, yourself and I. There are a lot of HAM operators with modest stations and they want to have the ability to make contact with a rare DXCC as well. E31A (Eritrea) is active now till June 3rd. I think most active is PA5X Johannes as operator, he is also know as 5T5PA from Mauritania. We are in the minimum of the sunspot cycle and to be able to make this DXpedition a success FT8 is the main mode of operation.

Personally I have a lot of fun chasing E31A on all bands and over the last days I worked them on 60, 40, 20, 17 and 10m. I heard them on 6m but only decoded one time. At the moment I try 15m but propagation is not yet in my favour. Think about this a few years ago, only a good directional high beam antenna and some power and a lot of patience, skill and time could get you so many band slots in a short time. At least that counts for me. I agree, now it is just a matter of calling at a good part of the waterfall and wait till you are the next in line. However, I still have fun and it doesn't cost me hours of my precious time.

In the end, think of it, what are you doing it for. Some HAM radio operators take this DXCC collecting far too serious... Personally I think HAM radio is doing experiments, make friends and have fun. And it doesn't matter how or what...


  1. Well said - I couldn't agree more!

  2. For every DXpedition to a rare entity, there are always critics on the DX cluster - and they are almost always anonymous.
    73 - John

  3. Hurrah! What is radio when reduced to its most basic? DX between bits of electronics. What do they want, smoke signals or semaphore to make it more 'human'?

  4. Mooi beschreven Bas.
    Je moet doen waar je zelf zin in hebt.
    Als je dat doet kun je optimaal genieten van de hobby.
    73 Hans, PE1BVQ


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas