Sunday, May 20, 2018

WSPR DXCC nr.90 8Q7HI - Maldives

It seems I was on the wrong band 2 days before. Didn't do enough research were to try for 8Q7HI. Although PE1BVQ Hans told me he received 8Q7HI on 40m. So, that was the band to go...

Chasing DX these days is not easy for me due to limited hobby time. Luckely there is the WSPR system and this year seems to be very successfull. At exactly 01:00 UTC this morning my 1W WSPR signal was spotted by 8Q7HI from the Maldives on 40m. I was using my inverted-V antenna. This is my 5th new DXCC this year and the 90th DXCC overall on WSPR with the use of only 1W power. And although it is not a real QSO I'm still thrilled. Why? Well try to get 90 DXCC in your log on will not be easy. You need to research the activity page often and make database searches to see if a beacon is receiving. That's not always the case...for example 3B8FV from Mauritius seems to be transmit only, a pity.

Below a map from what 8Q7HI was receiving over the last 24h.

Not much can be found about this station by the way. No QRZ page, there is a QSL manager in the US. There has been a German DXpedition last year as far as I can find. So....who is managing the station? I guess it's based in a hotel or a resort? Might be remote controlled? Curious??


  1. I am seeing that station too and it thankfully was there to receive my WSPR balloon from NY. Which by the way managed to survive a major Cyclone Friday. I hope the station is receiving there tomorrow...need more spots !!

    1. So unfortunate you didn't write you call or balloon callsign? Would be interesting to follow and try to receive it...73, Bas

  2. call sign for Balloon is N2NXZ and also sends special WSPR telemetry.Presently only ONE station receiving the signal who happens to be vacationing in the region.Very lucky he was there.Speed of balloon is near ZERO and just hovering in one spot. Transmission format is PI4 x 2 14.096.80 mhz USB /WSPR x 2 20m / QRSS 20m / WSPR x2


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas