Wednesday, May 16, 2018

GDPR ready

Paul PA0K wrote about this before and made me aware of the fact that the AVG act comes into effect at may 25th. GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation is the english term. This new European Privacy Regulation applies to every organization that in one way or another has to deal with personal data. It also concerns hobby bloggers like us. Paul did switch off comments and removed some counters to prevent problems. But I've been looking for the things that need to be done. So far I think the most important is the "cookie" bar at top of the page which appears automatically of european readers and I add a "privacy policy" link in which I describe what data is used and collected.

My personal view on all this is that it is good the make internet users aware of the fact that a lot of data is collected and known. But "privacy" is something that is not possible on the internet except if you use a VPN and a browser like Tor. And even then you leave traces that can be tracked. If you like real privacy and read this you are too late. You used the internet so something is known about you. Erasing traces on the internet is almost impossible. Only those few "lucky" ones that have no phone, no internet, no home and no family or friends have privacy.


  1. Hallo Bas, en zo is het. Privacy is een illusie op internet. 73 Paul PA0K

  2. Ik heb overigens wel weer mijn comments aangezet. Eerst maar afwachten wat er gebeurd. We krijgen toch eerst een waarschuwing als we in overtreding zijn met de AVG. 73 Paul PA0K

    1. Je mag gerust mijn privacy policy opnemen op je blog. Denk dat dit document voldoende is om te voldoen aan de AVG. 73, Bas


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