Monday, May 21, 2018


A beautiful day today and we already decided to go to Borkum Island, Germany. Since PE1BVQ Hans is also having a vacation nearby we made a appointment to try, if possible, to make the "DX" contact. I brought my Baofeng UV-5R with me, not the best equipment but reliable. Since the
distance is too long for a station-station contact we used the VHF repeater PI2NOG from Delfzijl.

At first I wanted to try from the boat to the island but....

If you don't know german. The sign says that using transmitting equipment is not allowed on the boat. I don't know how old the sign is since if I took a look around I saw a lot of transmitters (mobile phones) in operation ;-)

Anyway, I think it is a miracle that the contact was made as I didn't knew when I had a chance to be on frequency. And Hans would need to have his HT with him all the time to get on the air as soon as I send him a message. It almost went wrong as Hans had some issues.....but in the end we made the contact. From the beach on Borkum Island to Delfzijl repeated to Midlaren and vice versa. Well some of it has been recorded on video...

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