Wednesday, February 7, 2018

PACC contest 2018 upcoming weekend

Event: PACC 2018 contest
Modes: SSB/CW
Date: 10-11 Febr. 2017 12:00-12:00 UTC (24hrs)
Exchange: RS(T) + Province abbreviation of 2 letters, foreign: RS(T) + serial starting at 001
Foreign rules:
Dutch rules:

The PACC contest is the most important contest for Dutch radioamateurs. The nice thing is that everyone has to work the Netherlands so we dutch HAMs finally get a response on a CQ when calling. The only problem is that the CQWW WPX RTTY contest is going on in the same weekend. That means all the important big contest stations outside the Netherlands are not participating in the PACC unfortenately. Anyway, that doesn't matter as the PACC is a fun contest and if you send in a log with your address you will receive a very nice token of merit. I don't know of any contest that sends such a token and it is much appreciated.

Hopefully all of you readers will participate. Although not everyone likes to contest of course. But even if you don't want to really participate you can use this contest to test a antenna setup or just give a point to a known station (like me ;-))...

Lees deze handige tips voor de PACC en voor de setup van N1MM+ met additionele files:

For both Dutch as foreign stations it could be interesting to send your score automatically to so you can compare your own score with others. You need to register at the site first which can be done at the tab "options" ->  "user registering". When a password is obtained you can configure N1MM+ like the picture at the left.


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