Thursday, February 1, 2018


Although I have been tinkering with computers since the early eighties of last century I now just want a computer that does what it has to do and nothing else. Unfortunately I got a message from Dropbox that the software would not work anymore on my 11 year old Windows Vista computer due to security risks. I use Dropbox to store my logbook in the cloud so I can view it on several computers, it is also a very useful back-up medium for me. Actually I can't miss it. Time for a upgrade! Since I have Windows 10 on my laptop which is doing fine I thought I should upgrade my desktop as well. Windows 10 seems to work to my satisfaction so far on my laptop and it seems it does run well on older computers. First I had to check if I could install the 64 bit pro version since I prefer it over the 32 bit version. The main difference is that you can make use of more as 3,5Gb RAM and it handles some processes faster. Luckely my old desktop does support 64 bit so installing this version was no problem. Installing was faster then estimated so I thought I was ready to go.....not! It took a whole night of updates before I could finally begin to install software on my renewed system. First of all all unesseccary apps were removed and all effects switched off. Then first of all Dropbox was installed. Of course I have the installs of HRD V4 and V5 in my dropbox and these were installed as well.

Actually there were no problems at all except I could not load my logbook backup xml file, though a ADIF was no problem. Next was the back up from my macros in DM780, unfortenately I only made a backup of one macro it seems, I always assumed when I made a backup it was of all macros. A lesson for next time, but at least I got one macro back. Connecting the CAT to the radio was no problem at all, I even dared to go back from 4800bps to 9600bps (previously with Vista I had problems with disconnecting all the time). Even installing N1MM+ went without any problem.
Configuring both HRD/DM780 and N1MM+ took me almost more time compared to configuring W10.

I noticed only one thing that is not working correct. It is the popups from HRD logbook not showing correctly. This is definitely a W10 problem as I have exactly the same problem on my laptop. This happens for instance when you upload a QSO in the log from WSJT-X. To send it to HRDlog you get a popup to approve. The solution is easy, just click with your mouse on the remaining part of the popup hold the button and move it a little, the popup will show correctly. I tried to run HRD logbook in vista compatibility mode but the problem did not disappear.

So far everything works fine and hopefully I will not have any problems in the  upcoming weeks. Time will learn...

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