Sunday, December 4, 2016

Revealing 10m HB9CV details

Remember my successful efforts to built the HB9CV without a matching capacitor? Well, many nice contacts were made with the HB9CV on 10m. But it always has to go in summer in exchange for the 6m antenna. A radio hobbyist never has enough masts for experiments ;-). I got a few e-mails for measurements of the antenna so I have been measuring when building the antenna today. That is not a guarantee this will work for someone else after a exact reproduction. The antenna is made through experimentation, it always had the same length of coax on it and it always is on the same mast on the same place. However if you build the antenne like me and keep in mind length of radiators and phase lines can be altered it must be possible to get a good working antenna.

To give you a impression of the construction some extra photos were made. I know the antenna looks like garbage with a lot op tape, kit and scrap. But my experience is that the ugliest antenna works best.

Just before I slide both sides of the reflector
on the threaded ends. Threaded end is one piece
mounted through the boom hold in place with 2 nuts.

Detail of how the phase line is mounted

Connection of the coax on the phase line at the director side

Phase line reflector side. I used hose clamps on both
phase line as reflector tubes so I can slide for best SWR.
Of course you have to slide the same amount on the director side.

Detail of the mounted boom/antenna/phase line
Of course the photos are made before I covered all important connections with a thick layer of tape. It still is important to keep it all watertight as possible.
This antenna might look difficult to make but it isn't. All materials can be found in a DIY shop except of course the coax. I used a old boom from another antenna but you can use something else too. In the past I even made a lightweight version with thinner elements and a square boom instead of a round one. I used alu rods for the phase line because it's strong and I can dismantle the antenna easily. But you can use copperwire as well, I actually used it when experimenting with this antenna. It's just what you have at home at what works for you to construct this.


  1. Hallo Bas, Leuk item. Mijn enigste ervaring met HB9CV antennes is die ik voor 144Mhz gebouwd en gebruikt heb. Steeds sta ik versteld van het kunnen van dit ontwerp. Leuk dat jij hem bouwt/gebruikt voor HF. Zeker weten dat hij jou goed zal bevallen op 28Mhz. Hou wel rekening bij het waterdicht maken bij de aansluiting dat als jij rubberentape gebruikt de aanwezige koolstof de antenne kan beinvloeden.
    Gewoon effe checken. Succes en 73 Hans, PE1BVQ

    1. Hallo Hans, ik gebruik deze antenne al een paar jaar. Koolstof heb ik niet kunnen ontdekken. Daarbij komt het voor HF niet zo nauw als VHF of UHF. 73, Bas

  2. Hi Bas, Ik heb hier een HB9cv voor 6 meter maar5 het is mij niet duidelijk wat de directorzijde of reflectorzijde is
    Dit alles gezien vanaf het punt waar de coaxvoeding plaats vindt.

    1. De coax word gevoed aan de director zijde. Zie eerste plaatje in deze post. 73, Bas


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