Friday, December 23, 2016

Go get them Lars

Lars PH0NO was mailing me a few days ago he would be QRV with his special call PA44FF today. I asked him to let me know as I really wanted to earn his beautiful QSL. We first tried 40m, I just finished a QSO there with DK7KM who is on the German coast just across the water so I knew the antenna was working well. I did hear Lars but unfortenately very weak. We decided to move to 20m to see if we would be lucky via groundwave. We both had a good and quiet location. I was on the best DX spot around at the top of a dyke antenna about 8 Mtr agl. Using 5W I was just able to work Lars after a few calls. I made a short video just when Lars was talking to VK5PAS and the pile-up afterwards hence the title of this blogpost as Lars was getting them ;-). Unfortenately someone decided to tune on the frequency at the start of the video so you have to listen to a rather annoying beep first. Sorry for the audio quality as I made this with my mobile phone.

Click here to view  Lars his blogpost for some photos and report of his activity today.

Here is the video:


PH0NO said...

Leuk man die opname!
QSO gaat zeker nog een keer lukken. Als t niet meer met PA44FF is dan wel met een volgende special call.
73, Lars

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Ik zit stiekem al aan de lineair te denken die ik nog heb. Tot de volgende keer. 73, Bas