Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Pocketshack Project

It seems that there was a article in QST magazine about using your radioshack via a android phone. I do not have the article and have not read it as I am not a QST subscriber. But what I understood is that it it is based on Fldigi and the article is written by KH6TY. Through some info on the internet I understand he connects to his hamradio computer via splashtop (I wonder if he did read my article from 2013) and uses skype for VOIP. Intrigued by the idea and just shortly in the posession of a android phone I start thinking. Oh yes, it is possible another way as well. You can use it with the more populair Ham Radio Deluxe. I don't like the idea of transmitting voice via a phone internet connection, it's just too slow if you have an old android phone and haven't got a 4G connection. But you can play radio with digimodes via DM780 and WSJT-X for example. You need to adjust yourself a bit as it is different from playing with a laptop or desktop. But for the sake of experimenting it is nice to see if it is possible. Since splashtop did stop working on my computers I got back to the improved teamviewer (which has VOIP integrated, however I don't use it myself). I tried some JT65 and it did work out, just like remote controlling my transceiver. I actually made about 10 QSO's via remote with my phone that usually is in my pocket. That makes it officially a pocketshack I guess...

See my first efforts controlling the software in this video.

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