Thursday, January 28, 2016

Testing "ears" vertical

Unfortenately there are no results on the WSPR challenge page today. Probabely because of the inaccesible website. I see that some live MUF data based on WSPR spots is add to download which you can insert in the LIVE_MUF software by G7RAU. This only covers the 6,4 and 2m band. I've made a test before between my horizontal loop and vertical antenna in 2013. It was clear then that there was almost no difference, the vertical was slightly better to Australia (DX). I decided to monitor 30m WSPR today with the vertical only. Just to see the difference in total distance, not the amount of spots. Comparisation of course is difficult as propagation is different from time to time. Only 2 exactly same receivers on the same location with 2 antennas at the same time will give a exact comparisation. Unfortenately I haven't got that possebility. Hopefully the WSPR challenge page will be able to get into the database this night...

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