Thursday, January 14, 2016


Sometimes I'm really good in multitasking. Monday I was a day off the job repairing the old laptop, doing some digimode and listening to Steven Wilson's last album. Actually I was even busy to search for some DXCC for the 100 countries in 100 days challenge.

Repairing the tiny laptop was a challenge as well. Wow, have you ever seen such small coax connectors? Not to forget the tiny flatcables. But it works again after replacing the rechargable CMOS battery.

This acer laptop is from 2001 I believe. It is old and slow now but when I bought it secondhand this one was sold new for a price of about 1000-1200 euro. It already has touchscreen and you can fold the screen over the keyboard to use it as a tablet. This was really state of the art 15 years ago. I used this laptop for radiocontrol in 2006. Works like a charm with HamRadio de Luxe. Now my idea is to install WSJT-X 1.6 on it and have it doing some WSPR. The laptop is not taking the amount of current my desktop does and it could even be fed out of a 12V source if needed. The internal battery has been replaced 3 years ago and does still supply the laptop for about a hour. Ultimate goal would be the laptop and FT-817 powered by solarpower and doing WSPR 24/7 without the cost of electricity.

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