Monday, December 22, 2014

Be digital, explore 30m & and other bands

Have been digital, explored 30m. Saturday evening....had some time to explore. But 30m was dead. Nothing could be heard, noise floor was S8. Did some CQ on PSK31 and was heard in Italy, did see one weak signal from Spain. JT65 CQ was not answered and did not see any signal in the waterfall. Hamspots reported that my signal was spotted in Austria, France and Italy though. Sunday morning, family was still sleeping, I decided to try again. 30m was full of signals in PSK, MFSK, JT65 and RTTY. Did some CQ and made some contacts in Europe. Last contact of the day was SM6XVI Engelhard who is a member of our local radio club and has the call PA3FUJ here. I've worked Engelhard various times now both on JT65 and SSB from both his QTH here and in Sweden. When the family was awake I turned to WSPR, the spectrum was full of signals. In 3 hours my 1W signal was spotted by 41 unique calls. Best distance was W4MO in EL86 with 7663km.

So far so good, I was off the job today as I had to work last Saturday. I thought it would be nice to be active on 10m with WSPR to see if I would spot AE5X John who has his W5OLF 500mW tx now on air. Unfortenately at the end of the day I noticed I had a wrong band setting. I did TRX on 10m. But the spots are on 30m (wrong band). Stupid me! Anyway, John has been spotted 29 times here best report -8dB at 15:58 UTC. I was using the HB9CV on 6m AGL pointed to Texas USA. I reported 69 unique calls on the wrong band, I'm so sorry. I was spotted by 40 unique stations with best distance ZS6BNE with 9044km.


  1. Hi Bas - and easy mistake to make - no need to feel bad about it.

    Regarding WSPR, I find myself wanting to be the spotter and have decided to configure the Big Rig/computer to do that whenever I'm not using it for CQ/DXing. I'll set that up soon after the new year.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and best wishes in 2015!

    1. Hello John, it would be nice to get a spot from you as well. That way we got the idea that a QSO would have been possible :-) Merry Christmas & Happy 2015 to you and yours as well.

      73, Bas


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