Thursday, May 18, 2023

ES season here I am

  I continued building the YU7EF duoband antenna this morning but things didn't work out like I thought. So, I decided to exchange my experimental multiband halo for my own YU7EF VHF duoband 6m/4m antenna.

The multiband halo is a succesful project which has to be finetuned a little. I had a comparisation with the inverted-V in mind but time didn't allow it and I probabely do that another time. I actually want to rebuild the complete antenna using another kind of wire. Probabely 300 Ohm ladderline. 

On the photo it's me with the halo. 


  Assembling the duoband beam took some time. Mounting in the tower was no problem. Everything went very smooth. So I quickly brought all the tools, ladders and other things into the garage. It was almost dinner time and I wanted to test the antenna quickly. Next time I should check the antenna with an analyzer because the SWR was 1:4 on both 50MHz as 70MHz. Stupid me. After dinner I did the usual checks with the analyzer to see if there was a faulty coax or connector. Of course everything was alright. So I had to bring the tower down for the second time. In the end I found a PL259 connector which had a bit of corrosion on the pin, bad enough. I cleaned it and SWR was back to normal.

I quickly made some QSOs on 4m/6m to test the antenna. It seems to work well. But propagation was not that good this evening.

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