Sunday, May 28, 2023

Building another YU7EF duoband antenna (4)

  Finally I had some time today to finish this project. Actually I though it would only take a few hours. But after all I was busy most of the day. I made some photos from the progress. I can't tell much since the whole build went well and SWR/Resonance was as expected.

Of course this connection will be covered by rubber seal after the final installation.

After examinating the above photos I saw the second 4m director was not really in line for the SWR test. I really don't know if things would change much if it was. I'm satisfied with the result. SWR/Resonance will change after all when it is mounted at height in the tower of PB7Z. The last photo is the whole antenna disassembled. Longest part is about 1,8m so I can transport it in the car.

This is the second YU7EF duoband I made. I can recommend this build as it is quite easy to make and this antenna works really very well on both 50 and 70 Mhz,

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