Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Future enchancements on VarAC

 Currently I'm testing and enjoying the newest VarAC digimode software. 4Z1AC Irad has started to implement Vmail (short for VarAC Mail) and there is now a possebility to leave a mail message at a station. This really works very well. This is just a start! From the VarAC fb page:

So what's next with Vmails?

You are only experiencing the first version of it. I wanted to release a basic functionality to start and get some feedbacks and find bugs, before I move on to the next phase which is the real deal.

Next version will allow you to store a message offline in your mailbox, and once connected to that station, the message will be sent.

Not only this, you will be able to park a message for a 3rd party (someone you don't have a direct link with). This will open up the opportunity for some people to have their rigs operate as a store & forward gateways. Much like an old fashion style of BBS.

So lots of things are coming your way. In the meantime keep leaving each other mails when they're <AWAY> . Seeing the blinking "3 NEW MAILS" is soooo fun.

73s! Keep Vchatting and Vmailing!


This is really most of the users are waiting for. Exciting!

Latest connections with VarAC:

Vmails from as far as CA, USA have been received! 

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