Saturday, January 8, 2022

Winding coax and other chords

 I wish I knew this years ago. A golden tip to wind coax, rope, electrical chords, garden hoses etc.


VE9KK said...

That is an excellent video as with me I am the over and over and over person not over and under. I do this with my endfed antenna, coax and electrical extension cords. I am not going to be an over/under person but I do know I am going to have to keep this video handy as I am sure the first few times I am going to get confused.
Thanks for posting this Bas,

David Ryeburn VE7EZM and AF7BZ said...

I just looked at the video. That's a fine technique, but I commented there about it. I find the Figure 8 technique even easier, and just as effective. Do the Figure 8 thing using your opened up left hand and your left elbow (or right hand and right elbow if you're a lefty) and then tie a small rope in an overhand knot across the crossover point of the Figure 8. For me, this is quicker than the over/under technique.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Mike, I was an over and over person as well. But try this new to me method now. I just have to get used at it. So far it works well. 73, Bas

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello David, I think I know what you mean. However it will only work with light material like thin coax, wire, small rope. I think the over/under method works well with thicker and/or longer coax runs and garden hoses. But of course everyone is free what method to use. I didn't know about this method and I like it a lot. Use it at home and at the job. 73, Bas

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hallo Bas, handige tip voor het oprollen van coax. Hetzelfde geldt ook voor mijn tuinslang denk ik, daar heb ik hetzelfde probleem mee. 73 Paul

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Zeker Paul dat probleem heb ik ook met mijn tuinslang. En ook met mijn tuinsnoeren. Ik gebruik sinds deze post de methode en bevalt me prima. Geen knopen meer en/of rare kronkels. 73, Bas