Wednesday, March 25, 2020

#CQWW WPX SSB 2020 - COVID-19 Virus

I was just thinking ahead towards this weekend. One of my favorite international contests of the year will be on. The CQWW WPX contest is all about prefix hunting. In the past the PE4 prefix was special but at this time there are several more that have this prefix. So listen carefully for my call, I'm not PE4B, I'm PE4BAS "Papa Echo Four Bravo Alfa Sierra".

I just checked the CQWW WPX website and discovered I was nr. 1 in the Netherlands last year. Not a bad accomplishment. I hope to equal last years score this weekend....all depends on propagation and time...

The contest is something very welcome as distraction. COVID-19 takes a heavy toll on everyone including my family. Although I doubt everyone takes this seriously. Most HAMradio operators are "old timers" and they are very vulnerable to this virus. Still some people think it is no more as just a flu. Yes, old people are dying of flu as well, but COVID-19 is a virus and if we don't take precautions a lot more people will die compared to the flu. Young people are affected as well, be warned, nothing is shure in this world now!
On the other hand: It is a law of nature, the strongest will survive. However the human race is the only species that takes care of the weak and try to heal them whatever it takes! Strange isn't it?
There are some more strange things and my wife are still working despite the risk of contamination. You read about isolation and what people do in their unexpected free time everywhere, but most people are still doing their daily jobs here. The strange thing is that young people keep their distance, do understand the importance......but old people don't seem to get it. That at least is my observation and experience right now...the question is why?? They are the most vulnerable....
More strange things.....although I have a technical repair job I wear gloves all the time now. We did take precautions, only one customer at a time in our repair shop, regulary cleaning everything customers touched and more precautions every day. My wife works with elderly people.....but her management does not find it important to take precautions as long as she or one of our family is not ill. She doesn't have to wear a mask or gloves.....strange....
Well just a few strange things we encounter, I'm shure there are more....
I hope, you readers and everyone else, will stay healthy and wish everyone all the best....


  1. Hello Bas,

    I think this will be a very busy contest because of all the people who are required to stay home. I heard 1.5 billion are now in "self-quarantine" around the world. I may participate a bit as well - a phone contest will be a first for me. I hope to hear you and that propagation is good to us.

    Good luck in the contest & 73,
    John AE5X

    1. Hope to hear you John, it will be difficult on such crowded bands. Good luck contesting and have a nice weekend. 73, Bas

  2. And everyone will be between 14100 and 14350. Sweet ☺
    Stay safe and CU in the contest. 73

    1. ;-) ;-) I was planning to do a 10m single band effort Franki....nice and quiet. Good luck, have a nice weekend. 73, Bas


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