Monday, January 14, 2019

WSPR watch (apple)

No we're not talking about a apple watch! We are talking about a real good app to follow and analyze WSPR spots.

Just before the new year I was listening on 20m WSPR 24/7 but at a certain moment I was disappointed since propagation seems to be poor and I was not even appearing in PE1ITR's challenge list anymore. Then I was busy with the beverage experiment but since I have some issues with it I'm back on WSPR. 40m WSPR RTX this time, the first 30 minutes gave me immidiatly a first new one, Sardinia for number 91! Just 9 to go for 100, I will do my best to accomplish that hopefully this year. Though I hope that there will be more stations that listen as well as transmit from "unique" locations.

To keep an eye on things happening I use this WSPR watch app on my Iphone...
(There are other similair apps for Android) I begin to like this app more and more and it is updated very often with new features. You can even transmit with it if you have a transmitter just by holding the phone near to the mike and transmit the audio for 2 minutes. The app is made by fellow HAMradio blogger VK2TPM Peter. The program features usable graphs, you can view both TX or RX spots, unique spots and a map. Some screenshots:

This is not a commercial app. Some people think you have to pay for every app on a apple Iphone but that is not true. This app is free. I certainly think Peter deserves some etra credit for this app since it is very much usable. Tnx Peter!

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