Tuesday, January 8, 2019

160m FT8 RX results with beverage

With a storm approaching I lowered the antenna tower so my inverted-V was unusable. Luckely the beverage has no problems with large winds. Roger G3XBM has good results using a earth electrode antenna and does monitor FT8 frequencies rather then WSPR. So I decided to monitor FT8 last night. Late evening I monitored 1908KHz first since Japan stations are not allowed on the usual 1840KHz FT8 frequency. I managed to receive at least 3 stations, best DX was JG1IGX 9066km. Will monitor 80m FT8 this night with the beverage. I understand that Japan stations are on 3530KHz so probabely will monitor that late evening. WSPR is certainly good to compare antennas but FT8 could be more interesting to probe propagation these days.

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