Friday, March 17, 2017

Blue HAM excercise 2017

Remember excercise blue ham from last year. A unique event on the 60m band. And it seems it tasted for more. Luckely the organisation planned another time of the year as well and divided activity over two weekends. 18/19 and 25/26 March. I think they will get busy this time as there is a lot more activity on 60m now. Last year it was just impossible to work the 25 contacts needed for a certificate. Hopefully this year will be easier. You can work the same stations every day again counting as separate contacts.

See for info/rules:

Some tips if you like to work these military style stations:

- Listen before calling!
- Speak slowly and articulate well.
- They want to have your call, signal report and location (6- digit maidenhead locator).
- Don't use Q codes, they don't use it.

Remember that most of the operators are excersising and not used to make QSO's every day. However some of them could be regular HAMs of course...

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