Friday, March 3, 2017

630m band WSPR

Neighbourstation PA1SDB Peter requested a couple of times if I could do some receive tests on 630m. He recently started to transmit on 630m with a Raspberry Pi. I didn't have much time for radio last couple of weeks but yesterday evening I managed to set the FT-817 on WSPR 474,2KHz and attached the loop only to the center of the PL connector. After some fiddling I managed to receive some WSPR stations.

Best "DX"was EA5DOM over more then 1700km. Peter also requested for a OPERA test. So I will probabely try this evening or in the weekend.

Some pictures of Peter's setup can be found on his QRZ page. Additional pictures of the antenna system he uses below.

Inverted L fed with a variocoil seen below

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