Thursday, April 7, 2016

UKEICC contest 6 April, one more time QRP

Event: UKEICC 80m SSB contest
Section: QRP
Logger: N1MM+ 
Station: Yaesu FT-817ND (5W)
Antenna: 84m horizontal loop at 7m AGL.

Since I got a reminder e-mail from the contest organisation I took part in the UKEICC unexpected. Still have the 80m loop up, so I had a chance. But unfortenately propagation was not too good. Low signals on the band. Calling CQ had no use for me, tried it several times without luck. All QSOs were made S&P. Had lots of troubles to get the exchange through. Most of the QSOs were a struggle and sometimes had to repeat my exchange (JO33) 10 times. QRP is not easy at all.

The results in the end:

QRP Entries

Call          Pwr Grid  Raw   Dupe  Bust NIL  Good  Total   --- Best DX  ---  
                        QSOs                  QSOs  Pts     Call        Km    

G3ZVW         Q   IO80  46    0     0    0    46    93      SE5L        1583  
PE4BAS        Q   JO33  23    0     0    0    23    68      EI8IQ       945  
F4VQT         Q   IN98  19    0     0    0    19    42      GM3WOJ      1037  
M6VPW         Q   IO91  16    0     0    0    16    26      GM3WOJ      716  
M6LFL *       Q   IO92  16    0     1    0    15    16      GI0AZB      456  
EI7GEB        Q   IO63  10    0     0    0    10    13      G0MCV       418

Longest scoring QSO: 945.37 km with EI8IQ
Highest points QSO: 8.00 points with G3ZVW

G3ZVW was the only other QRP participant I'd QSO with. I did hear F4FQT in QSO with another station as well but did not work him. If only propagation had been better....

Had a lot of fun though. I like the format of this contest. It's only a hour, you submit the log within 1 hour after the contest. You have the results in the morning. Simple and fast....


  1. Thanks for the QSO and your patience Bas it was hard going at times band my side was very noisy.I enjoy the 1 hour contests its about all the time I can stand calling c q without going insane. 😁.....
    73s DE EI8IQ Pat

    1. Thanks Pat. You were my best distance. Surprisingly the QSO went reasonable smooth compared to others. 73, Bas


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