Monday, April 11, 2016

Most intriguing VK0EK photo

I might be disturbed but this is the most intriguing photo from the VK0EK activation to me. Without this heater they can't or almost can't operate the radios comfortabilly I think. I wonder what this guy is doing with the spoon? I'm professionally interested as repairing these heaters is one of the core businesses at my job. I can say that I've specialized myself repairing these heaters through the years. So, that's why I like this photo most.

I had a day off the job today. Since I don't appear in the FT4JA log I hoped for another QSO as I understood that they would be on Juan de Nova Isl. till the end of today. Unfortenately when I had time for playing radio I noticed they were already QRT.  Oh, well....that's how it goes!

Loop antenna in the box. With the help of my daughter...
Since the weather was beatiful today I decided to do some garden work and dismantled the horizontal loop. I doubt if I will set it up again at the end of the year as I really hope to install the real antennamast if everything goes well. For the time being I'll use my multiband vertical again.

Working VK0EK on 40m CW is already one of the highlights of this year. It's incredible how they pulled out weak signals as their signal was not too loud as well. Most of the time I have to let big DXpeditions go as I'm not a big gun at all. But this time I was lucky.

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