Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Pocketshack Project (2)

I've written about this before earlier on this blog.

Now, KC5FM Lloyd was kind enough to send me a copy from the article written by Skip Teller KH6TY published in QST magazine. It is clear to me now what is different from the way I configured my pocketshack.

To write this article I had to follow the instructions partly from the article to get a good idea how Skip was setting up things. I followed the instructions partly as I'm interested in remote control only and not how to get on air on SSB by using skype. I setup FLdigi and extra files as required and indeed it does work. But not as well as I expected. On a phone it's still very small and easy to make errors. The main advantage of splashtop is that the cursor goes were you put your finger on the touchscreen, very naturally like you used to on any other touchscreen device. Both Splashtop as Teamviewer do have a app using a android or apple device to access your shacks computer. However splashtop can only be used for free within your own home network. If you want to access it from outside you have to pay (16,99 USD per year for a anywhere access package!) Teamviewer does not work that smoothly but is free and can be accessed from anywhere in the world for free. You even don't have to install software for it on the computer you use to access your shack as it is possible to access it through a browser. You don't have to use skype with Teamviewer as it has built in voip (voice over internet protocol). Anyway it was nice test things out. Personally I prefer Ham Radio De luxe for remote controlling my shack. Though FLdigi is a good alternative. If you only want to access your shack within your own network Splashtop is the thing to get as it streams faster as Teamviever. But if you want to access it everywhere I recommend Teamviewer. If you really want to access your shack as a pro you better look at remote controlling your rig with "Remoterig" However, that isn't for free and all the experimenting is already done for you.


  1. Hallo Bas, leuk experiment. Maar voor mij te klein, zelfs mijn leesbril is niet voldoende. ;-) Dus gebruik ik mijn mobiel alleen in uiterste noodzaak. Ik heb wel Echolink op mijn mobiel, het werkt wel maar vergeet het ook weer vaak dat ik het heb. Toen ik in New York dacht ik leuk om te doen, maar helaas niet aan gedacht. Ook ooit BPSK31 geprobeerd op mijn mobiel. Dat ging op zich wel. 73 Paul PC4T

    1. Hallo Paul, het is inderdaad allemaal nog al klein. Maar het werkt wel en bij wijze van experiment! Ik heb diverse QSO's gemaakt met WSJT-X. Dat ging prima. Echolink heb ik er ook op staan, maar moet nog een validatie aanvragen. Tot nu toe heb ik daar nooit aandacht aan besteed. Misschien komt het er nog eens van. Ben niet zo gek van zo een smartphone, maar er zijn wel mogelijkheden mee. 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas