Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some new features in JT-Alert

15m JT9 gets a little boring. It's just USA, USA and USA and a few Canadian stations. At least when I am on in the evening. Actually I'm surprised 15m is open as late as 2200 UTC, and JT9 is very populair on 15m as you can see! Time now to update software and in this case JT-Alert from Laurie VK3AMA. The most updated version today is 2.6.1 and there are a few new features built in. Most interesting is the decodes history window in which you can see all kind of info regarding spots you made. And there is a text messaging feature which I not fully understand how it works. I tried to send some messages to stations I just made a QSO with. But didn't get any response. Of course it could be they are still using a old version of JT-Alert. So I have to be patient till I meet someone that has this version installed as well.

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