Monday, March 23, 2015

Solar Eclipse WPA from PA1B

WPA (WSPR Propagation Analysis). Bert PA1B would not be Bert if he wouldn't take the opportunity to take my WSPR results from the database and enter it in his WPA spreadsheet. Wow, thanks Bert, a great tool. This is a really nice spreadsheet with a lot of filtering options. I filtered out the time that the eclipse was on and also filtered all station spots from 100mW and below. This shows something else as just counting spots. Between 9-10 UTC the moment of max. eclipse you can clearly view most "low as possible power" spots. GJ4CBQ from Jersey C.I. would have seen me if I used 100mW only at the maximum of the solar eclipse. Amazing at "daylight" and normally not possible on 160m without a little help from our moon I think! Thanks for the information Bert and a nice addition to the solar eclipse WSPR experiment on this blog.


  1. Hello Bas, thanks for entry and the nice words. I really enjoyed to make the WSPR analysis. It is my pleasure. Good luck in WSPR. 73, Bert

    1. Thanks Bert, always appreciate it. 73, Bas

    2. Hallo Bas, Graag gedaan. Ik zie hem tegemoet . . . 73, Bert


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