Thursday, December 20, 2012

The end of the world Dec. 21 2012

You hear and read the most crazy stories about it these days. Most plausible is that the Maya have been translated the wrong way. The astronomical winter begins 21-12-2012 at 12:11, that's the end of autumn...

For those that want to celebrate the end of the world anyway. Here is the provisional program:

05:00: Wake up the world population with air-raid alarm.
06:00: Arrival of the Maya
07:00: Arrival of the aliens
08:00: Arrival of the G8-countries chairman
09:00: Arrival of all the holy saints and martyrs
10:00: Hymn to the end of the world: "Higway to Hell"
10:30: Welcome speech by the pope
11:45: Lunchbreak
13:00: UN boardmeeting regarding the end of the world
15:00: A minute of silence
15:05: Start of the public ceremony
17:00: Opening of the buffet
18:00: Departure of the Maya
19:00: Fireworks and a soccergame Brazil - World soccer team
21:00: Ascension of the archangels and angels
22:00: Finishing ceremony (Bar open) FREE DRINKS
23:30: Distribution of 3D-glasses
24:00: END-OF-THE-WORLD (incl. "The Final Countdown")

After all: World ending afterparty

Je hoort en leest de gekste verhalen over vandaag. Het meest aannemelijke is dat de Maya's gewoon niet goed zijn vertaald. De astronomische winter begint  21-12-2012 om 12:11, het einde van de herfst dus!
Voor degene die de ondergang van de wereld toch groots willen vieren hier het voorlopige programma:

05:00: Wekken wereldbevolking met luchtalarm
06:00: Aankomst van de Maya's
07:00: Aankomst buitenaardsen
08:00: Aankomst van de voorzitter van de G8 landen
09:00: Aankomst van alle heiligen, martelaren etc.
10:00: Hymne einde van de wereld: "Highway to Hell"
10:30: Welkomstwoordje door de paus
11:45: Lunchpauze
13:00: VN vergadering betreffende einde van de wereld
15:00: Minuut stilte
15:05: Begin van de openbare ceremonie
17:00: Opening buffet
18:00: Vertrek van de Maya's
19:00: Vuurwerk en voetbalwedstrijd Brazilië - Wereldelftal
21:00: Hemelvaart van Aartsengelen en Engelen
22:00: Einde ceremonie (Bar open) GRATIS DRINKEN
23:30: Uitgifte 3D-brillen
24:00: WERELDONDERGANG (incl. "The Final Countdown")

Daarna Wereldondergang aftershow party!

Still a nice one:


  1. Hallo Bas, die after party lijkt me geweldig. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Bas!
    Just two questions:

    1: Is it UTC time?
    2: Who will pay the bill, taxpayers as usual?

    See you at the party!

    1. 1. I think that is local time, just like new year. it happens but all on different times though local time as always the same.

      2. I got this from my boss, I think he pays (at least he does pay me!) ;-)

      73, Bas

  3. I have 36 bottles of good Brittany beer. Better get started.

    1. Hello Dick, good to see you'r still with us. 73, Bert

    2. Hi Dick, share you bottles with us. We share our bottles with the best Dutch beer (Heineken) with you. What does it matter at 22:00 hours all drinks are for free! 73, Bas

  4. Hello Bas, I always completely ignore all propagation predictions, to have GREAT FUN with QRPpp. I suggest that we should do the same with this prediction. hi Good luck to you and your family. 73, Bert

    1. This prediction is just great fun....just like working QRP(p) 73, Bas

  5. Ah a Christmas spent with my ex-sister in law and her family in Holland too many years ago. Heineken but brewed for the Dutch, not export variety. Higher octane!

    Excuse me,I have to get to my Brittany brews. So much beer, so little time.

  6. I shot all the Mayas by accident. They startled me.


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