Monday, December 3, 2012

Goodbye my friends...

Sjimmie 05-05-1995 - † 26-11-2010
Kareltje 05-05-1996 - † 03-12-2012

Goodbye my friends
thanks for all the moments
which I remember
wherever you both are
together above with the stars
when flying there
between the sun and the moon
all the moments
you will be there
deep inside my heart

Vaarwel mijn vrienden
bedankt voor de momenten
die mij jullie herinneren
waar jullie ook zijn
samen boven de sterren
als jullie daar vliegen
tussen de zon en de maan
bij alle momenten
zullen jullie er zijn
diep in mijn hart.

Both cats were part of my life for 16 years. You get attached to these little 
furry animals.

Beide katten maakten 16 jaar deel uit van mijn leven. je raakt toch op 1 of andere manier gehecht aan die wollige beestjes.


KL8DX said...

Yep, I can relate! Pets are like children. 16 years is awesome but we often wish it could be a lifetime.

PC1I said...

Sterkte Bas!

Het is altijd naar zo'n maatje te moeten missen...

Hans said...

Hallo Bas,

Een triest bericht maar met gevoel geschreven.

Heel veel sterkte.

73 Hans,

Larry W2LJ said...


So sorry for your loss. Friends are hard to part with.

Larry W2LJ

Dick said...

Sad news Bas. Cats and dogs are particularly missed as they are truly family members.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hallo Bas, ik weet het... je hecht aan je huisdieren. Sterkte. 73 Paul

Jim said...

Cats are true friends, sorry.

Jspiker said...

Ditto on the family members. Two cats and one dog here. They are like little kids to both my wife and myself. Perhaps we will see them again some day? I hope so....

G4NKX said...

Sorry to hear that Bas, we have four here - all very badly behaved but we'd sure miss them.
They ARE family.

73's Peter

VE9KK said...

Good morning Bas, sorry to read about this, we have a cat (Oliver) who is a very special member of the family....we can understand the loss of a good buddy.