Tuesday, October 25, 2011

T32C favorite quotes

From what I read on the internet the T32C DXpedition is over. Despite I was trying for the last week I was not able to contact them. Only heard them for 5 minutes or so on 15m SSB, but didn't hear them on any other band or any other mode. I thought I heard them on 12m CW, but it seems it was a station calling them. Well, there will be another  activation of T32  somewhere in the future no doubt. Probabely I've more luck then. Well, what I found very frustrating where the DX Cluster spots on the same time I was listening, even from Dutch stations working them and I didn't hear a whisper at all. So I collected some of my favorite quotes from other blogs and the DX Cluster. Anyway, I am probabely not the only one that didn't succeed contacting them.

KL/N6SPP: 28485.0 T32C +7.. gud on my raingutter ant 

Yep, Alaska was the place to be...

K6GXO: 1815.0 T32C Wkd with 1 WATT to inv ell

USA was the place to be as well!  


The Netherlands, well it seems that their signal landed only on a few antennas here?

DL6CY: 18139.0 T32C send YT1AD group to them! 

Do I read "frustration"? I guess DL6CY had better luck with YT1AD.


England was the place to be...

G5XW: 21290.0 T32C 295 no takers !!

Unbelievable...I had such events myself were I heard a certain DX station with 59 signals and could not believe there were no others to hear or work that station...

DK8MZ: 14181.0 T32C CQ - loud but no takers

Germany was the place to be.... 

K5OA: 29650.0 T32C FM CQ few takers  

Can you believe it, they actually were that strong they made FM QSOs

EI2KC:UPDATE: I am in the log, finally, for 10m CW!!! 

Well deserved Anthony....

KL8DX:  my quest continues to get T32C on as many bands and modes as possible. I am missing two QSO's  

Definitely, Alaska was the place to be...

AE5X: The most difficult thing about working the ops at T32C was…..well, nothing about it was difficult at all. 

Not for US operators it was...

PA0O: T32C  17 slots  not hrd on 80/160

Frustrating....Jaap is just about 15km away from me....but has better antennas, that's for shure...

PA3C: East Kiribati T32C very good expedition, always on the band and always good signals.

What can I say, wish I had a SteppIR...

T32C made a amazing 213000 QSOs, that's a whole lot. I'm shure they helped a lot with a new DXCC.

I think it was a very nice activation with stations 24/7 over a long time span, there are not many organisations that can do it like this. Congrats to everyone that made it in the log.


  1. Good evening Bas I too was not able to log T32C...as a matter of fact I really only heard them very faint above the background noise. Not sure if it has to do with the direction of my dipole in the attic or not. Oh well.

  2. Bas, it sure helped not having anything between them and me except for lots of open ocean. Such a great group of operators!!!

  3. hallo Bas, mooi bij elkaar die opmerkingen. Ik heb ze zelf nog nooit kunnen horen.... alleen de pile ups die de tegen stations veroorzaken. Dan schieten mijn kleine antennes toch te kort. 73 paul

  4. I also didn't get to work them, however I know a fellow ham nearby who did, but he has a nice OptiBeam up high. Our club happens to be one of the sponsors too.

    Oh well, maybe one day when I win the lottery ...

  5. @Mike, glad I'm not the only one. So, even in north america it was not that easy after all.

    @Phil, yes Alaska was just the place to be to work that DX. My signal on SP should bounce in Alaska and then over the water to Kiribati. But since Alaska is already difficult this was actually a impossible task. By the way I have that same experience to for example Iceland and Faroer Isl.

    @Paul, en toch moet het mogelijk zijn. Als je er maar bent op het juiste moment en met heel veel geluk.

    @M0JEK, yes I know what you mean. I had that with PA0O. Hope we both win a lottery...

    73, Bas


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