Monday, August 22, 2011

Mercy Ships DXpedition certificate

Received the Mercy Ships DXpedition certificate today. A very nice design job has been done. The certificate is actually a photo. This one can only be obtained if you were able to contact all 3 MS DXpeditions from Liberia, Benin and Sierra Leone. It will get a place sometime somewhere in my new radioshack.

Vandaag ontving ik het Mercy Ships DXpeditie certificaat. Een mooi ontwerp en mooie foto kwaliteit. Dit certificaat kan je alleen krijgen als je alle 3 de MS DXpedities hebt kunnen werken vanuit Liberia, Benin en Sierra Leone. Ik ga het een mooi plaatsje geven in mijn nieuwe radioshack die er ooit nog eens komt. 


  1. The certificates look really beautiful. Well done Bas. Definitely find a space to hang those! 73 EI2KC

  2. Very nice award Bas I have never heard of it before but as you say they look very nice.

  3. @Mike, I found info for this certificate on the 9L5MS website. Of course it is not free, but most of it goes to the Mercy Ships foundation. I like the way these DXpeditions are held as it is for a good course. I bought a nice photo frame for it today. 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas