Friday, March 11, 2011

Harvesting 10m WSPR signals

Today there was absolutely nothing to do on 10m WSPR. Except for receiving my neighbour PA0O and the ever appearing signal from FR1GZ at Reunion. I was spotted by no one, strange enough not even by PA0O?? But luckely I was there yesterday and Wednesday late afternoon. It was just like harvesting, but then WSPR spots. With my 1W and multiband Alu foil vertical I was spotted by VK6GOS, VK5BC and VK5ZK, and wednesday just before the band was closing by AF4ID in Florida USA. I still think WSPR is an amazing mode, call me addicted.

Vandaag was er absoluut niets te doen op 10m WSPR. Behalve dan het ontvangen van mijn "buurman" PA0O en en het altijd aanwezige signaal van FR1GZ uit Reunion. Niemand die mij ontving, zelfs niet PA0O?? Gelukkig was er meer te doen gisteren en eergisteren en kon ik de WSPR spots gewoon oogsten. Met mijn 1W and multiband Alu folie antenne werd ik gespot door VK6GOS, VK5BC en VK5ZK. Woensdag werd ik net voor het sluiten van de band gespot door AF4ID in Florida USA. Ik vind WSPR nog steeds een geweldige mode, misschien ben ik er wel aan verslaafd.


  1. I'm really finding the low power weak signal stuff to be very interesting. It's quite amazing how one can circumnavigate the globe with such low power.

  2. Hi Bas,
    WSPR is really a great mode to find out about propagation.Even when we hear nothing on a band,doesn't mean that there's no propagation on it.
    You can see it when there's a very big contest for example.Then the 10M band can be very crouded...and the days after it's kinda looks dead again.

    The past weeks was the 10M sometimes wide open to the East.Signals from China with real 5/9...India,Australia,etc.

    This coming weekend are 2 contests..BARTG (RTTY) and Russian Dx (CW/SSB)...hoping that the 10M then also will show us some nice openings again.

    73's Bernard

  3. Hi Bas, it sounds like an interesting mode that I have not looked at as yet. Congrats on some nice DX with such low power, I look forward to reading more. G L 73 Simon


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