My station till now is more a temporarily setup. And it will always change. That's part of the amateurradio hobby. On this page I show you my radioshack and antenna setup.

My station: Computer: HP Elitedesk 800 i5-4570 8Gb RAM W10 PRO, Radio: Icom IC-7300, Tuner: Palstar AT1KM, Portable radio: Yaesu FT-817 and Icom IC-706MK2G (not in this picture). SSB mike: Heil Proset Elite iC, CW: internal keyer IC-7300

The station is just basic, I consider the antenna as most important in the whole installation. I'm constantly changing antennas since I like to experiment. Currently I use a Solarcon A99 as a holder for my multiband HF vertical, it's 5,1m long and at top of my tower with a CG3000 autotuner at the feedpoint @ 16m agl. I use the tower as counterpoise, not ideal, have to think of something else.  This antenna is used for 30-12m (10-24MHz).

The 4 element LFA beam is borrowed from the PA6AA contestteam. It is a low noise 10m beam.

The small beam is a Maspro WH59/N mounted for experiments on VHF/UHF. It is removed at this date.

I use a inverted-V for all other bands. Primarely for 60m and 80m. The apex is @12m. It is made of 2x 50m twisted and insulated copperwire. 2x 20m as antenna and 30m to the shack as open line, I use "rose clips" for spreaders.

For 6m/4m a 10 element beam was mounted at 14m above ground level. Its is a YU7EF design, 5 elements for 6m and 5 elements for 4m. The 4m dipole is inductive coupled. It has been doing a excellent job during the 2020/21 ES season. Several stations from USA, West Indies, Africa South America and Japan have been worked on 6m. 33 DXCC on 4m have been worked as well. Since I don't want to have it destroyed in the winter this antenna is only up in summer..

I recently made an experimental 4 band antenne. It is a cobweb design but 20,15 and 12m are full wave loops. I couldn't get the 17m band loop in between without a large effect on the other bands and besides that couldn't find a resonance point. So the 17m band is made with a loop that has been opened at the ends. That way it is a dipole with a close parasitic elelement. Don't ask me why but it works like that. And yes, it radiates. 

Check this site regulary as I will update it from time to time with new photo's and changes.

Last update: 20-10-2022