My station till now is more a temporarely setup. And it will always change. That's part of the amateurradio hobby. On this page I show you my radioshack and antenna setup.

My trusty old ICOM IC-706 MK 2 G  I think this was "the" mobile rig of the ninetees. The mobile radio with everything. It's capable of HF , VHF and UHF and is doing 100W.  I built in some extra filters for receive SSB small 1900 Hz and CW 350 Hz. It has a mike connection on front and on back very handy, and of course I can control it with the computer. This radio is doing the job in my shack now since 1998 and recently showing some defects unfortunately. Of course there are better rigs around these days, but I'm satisfied with this one till I have saved some money for a new one.

Another trusty old thing is my Turner +3B. It is in service at my station for over 25 years and I already bought it second hand. I repaired it several times and made some mods to it (don't know what anymore). I monitored my modulation several times via an internet webSDR , I think it has a superb audio quality. I also got a almost new and shiny Turner SSK, but still I like the modulation of this one more. Another advantage of this mike is that I have almost no problems with LFI, a problem that occured a lot with other mikes I used before.

My PALSTAR AT1KM antennatuner. American quality they say. I always used a MFJ tuner, but this one was it. It does a great job, but the lettering is coming off, I never had that with my MFJ tuner. But what can I say, it tunes very well with only 2 knobs. I try to clean the varicoil every year as it is getting corroded a little causing cracks on receive when tuning.

Recently bought a "classic" radio to be. The Yaesu FT-817ND, it's a QRP radio and does 5W maximum, capable of HF/VHF/UHF. Has a front and back connection for a antenna and a built in accupack. This is the ideal portable radio. The ND version has 5 MHz capability in the US, 3 color switchable display and it seems the problem with the HF amplifier failure has been solved. I mainly use the radio for digital modes and especially for WSPR were I use only 1 Watt. Besides that I use it for mobile and portable operations. Actually it's more fun to listen to this radio then my good old Icom.
In 2016 I did a MARS CAP mod to open 60m transmit just to work A45XR for my QRP challenge.

My SEC PSK 10 digital modem. It has a built in VOX and I can choose the delay and sensitivity as well as the input and output are variable. I never have PTT problems via difficult COM or USB port configurations. On digital modes I never use more then 25W as I think more is not better. It's better to have a clear signal then a strong signal.

I used this voicekeyer outside the box for years. Now finally I came to the point that I build the printboard into a box. It's standalone, no computer attached. Big advantage is when I key the mike the keyer stops. Actually never tested the build n voicekeyer of N1MM, so I cannot compare. But till now I'm satisfied with this. It does a great job especially in the PACC contest. Since 2018 it is not in use anymore. After I experienced computer voicekeyer support with N1MM+ when visiting contest stations I decided to convert a small VOX USB modem to do the voicekeyer work.

Two boxes from ZLP electronics to control the Yaesu and the Icom. The left one is for the Yaesu. Nothing to be said about them, they are plug&play like advertised. I can recommend them to everyone.

Last but not least. Not used very much, but it was my first amateur transceiver. The Alinco DJ-G5(T) is capable of UHF/VHF full duplex. I sometimes have it in my car. It could be used for working satellites. Actually this HT has so many functions that I still did not read the complete manual. Some features: Standalone repeater capable, selective call capable, crossband function, if you got another DJ-G5 you can just copy the memory over the air. It's just incredible what kind of functions this HT has for a 20 year old design. When I bought it in 1997 it was a second hand one. It's still doing fine. Output max. about 4W.
The antennas. My homemade aluminiumtape vertical with CG3000 tuner at the back en in front the Watson W2000 VHF/UHF/6m vertical. What can I say more, they are  working. But antennas at PE4BAS are always changing. The antenna is most important at a amateurradio station. I like to experiment and test with them a lot. In winter I got a 84m loop antenna setup around the garden.  There will be some major antenna changes summer 2018.

Since 2014 I built a HB9CV for 10m which I use mainly in winter.

Check this site regulary as I will update it from time to time with new photo's and changes.

Last update: 18-4-2018