My station till now is more a temporarily setup. And it will always change. That's part of the amateurradio hobby. On this page I show you my radioshack and antenna setup.

My station: Computer: HP Elitedesk 800 i5-4570 8Gb RAM W10 PRO, Radio: Icom IC-7300, Tuner: Palstar AT1KM, Portable radio: Yaesu FT-817 and Icom IC-706MK2G (not in this picture). SSB mike: Heil Proset Elite iC, CW: internal keyer IC-7300

The station is just basic, I consider the antenna as most important in the whole installation. I'm constantly changing antennas since I like to experiment. Currently I use a Solarcon Imax 2000 as a holder for my multiband HF vertical, it's 7,5m long and at top of my tower with a CG3000 autotuner at the feedpoint @ 16m agl. I use the tower as counterpoise, not ideal, have to think of something else.  This antenna is used for 30-12m (10-24MHz) and 160m (1,8MHz).

The 4 element LFA beam is borrowed from the PA6AA contestteam. It is a low noise 10m beam.

The small beam is a Maspro WH59/N mounted for experiments on VHF/UHF. It is removed at this date.

I use a inverted-V for all other bands. Primarely for 60m and 80m. The apex is @12m. It is made of 2x 50m twisted and insulated copperwire. 2x 20m as antenna and 30m to the shack as open line, I use "rose clips" for spreaders.

For 6m/4m a 10 element beam was mounted at 14m above ground level. Its is a YU7EF design, 5 elements for 6m and 5 elements for 4m. The 4m dipole is inductive coupled. It has been doing a excellent job during the 2020 ES season. Several stations from USA, West Indies, South America and Japan have been worked on 6m. 31 DXCC on 4m have been worked as well. Since I don't want to have it destroyed in the winter this antenna is only up in summer..

Check this site regulary as I will update it from time to time with new photo's and changes.

Last update: 20-08-2020