Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Rebuild of the EA642ZB7 (Part 2)

   I really don't know if all modifications are price worthy. I intend to sell this antenna when finished. But I guess I don't make much profit out of it. So far I have fun upgrading and it is the experience, that counts.

The picture on the left shows some mods on the boom. Radials are all cleaned. Ready to mount everything.

Some details of the mods to make everything stronger. 

All 7 elements mounted to see if everything fits. Not the final assembly, it need some more mods.

More tests this photo at the right shows some details. Fitting the isolation for the dipole feed. 

Originally no closing caps on the ends. I fit them in. You can really see that everything in this design is made as cheap as possible. Don't blame the manufacturer. Building a good antenna is expensive. And you want to sell them and make a profit. So there always will be trade offs.

Personally I like to build all antennas myself so I can make them the way I like them. But it is nice to see and experience how commercial ones are designed. 

Next is to make another boom to mast clamp design. And mount the balun/choke to the dipole.


Dirk PA3FFD said...

Thanks for all the good work you on the antenne it the top of my mast.PA3FFD See the page fot the foto's

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Mooi Dirk, ik zie dat je hem al gemonteerd hebt. Hoop dat het allemaal goed werkt. Is de SWR op 2m nog beter geworden?

Ik ben benieuwd of ik je een keer zie/hoor op 6m/4m. Afgelopen dagen ben ik niet zo aktief geweest. Maar komt wel weer.

73, Bas

Dirk PA3FFD said...

SWR op 2 loopt sterk op boven de 145 maar is behoorlijk goed in het SSB gedeelte 6 en 4 zijn uitstekend!