Friday, June 7, 2024

FT4GL automated, HAM radio community shocked...

The man, the myth (
"What has happened to our hobby? What a shame." (N0UN)

"My own prediction is that robotic FTx will become normalized and acceptable, for DXpeditions, contests and casual log-filling." (AE5X)

"Marek's trafficking continues, through his profession he has acquired strong experience in physical endurance for many years, his abilities are above the majority of humans, like a high-level athlete . This allows him to be active to the maximum of his physical capacities since the start of his activity by sleeping very little each day in the radio station, which is also his workplace, hence a constant presence due to his professional responsibilities at Glorious. "

I think the younger HAM operators will be laughing out loud (LOL) about the "hobby shame" sentence and embrace what AE5X wrote. The technology exists and is ready to use. Most new HAMs are in this hobby because of technology and want to make progress. I personally agree with John AE5X about automation  in the future. Many of the older HAMs do not agree and are ashamed what happened to our hobby that for them existed of hard work, CW, Phone contacts, listening and building a station that can provide that to high levels. Things changed, technology made progress. We as HAM radio operators will have to change as well. Besides that, I wrote about that before, we take this hobby far too serious. 

I think the evidence N0UN wrote about does not prove everything although it looks like some kind of "robot" operation is involved. I don't know exactly what kind of work Marek is doing on the island but apparently it is not a very demanding job since he is often radio active. In case Marek is using a script or even WSJT-Z for station automation and there is clear evidence the ARRL will not validate this DXpedition. Do you care? I don't, I don't even care if I don't get a confirmation by QSL, eQSL or LotW from any DXCC anymore. If I work a DXCC I know I've worked it and don't have to prove it. If that involved an automated station or remote operated station doesn't matter to me. 

In the end.....your life has an end. If you worked and confirmed every ARRL DXCC who cares? No one cares after you die. This is a hobby and everything you do collecting DXCC is for yourself only. Have fun, embrace what you like most in this hobby and don't let others tell you what HAMradio is all about.


John AE5X said...

Hello Bas, I only care that the station is actually at the designated location (Glorioso). Whether or not it is automated is of no concern to me. 2m repeaters are activated remotely all day, every day.

Another mode of operation being discussed is 2-way WSPR, ie QSO/QSL credit for WSPR. I'm not sure how it would work but I do know that old attitudes are replaced by new ones. We will see that in our little ham radio corner of the world sooner rather than later. If not, the hobby will wither and die.

On that cheery note - 73!

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Tnx for your comment John. 2-way WSPR would be fine for me. Ah well, this is just a hobby. 73, Bas

Anonymous said...

Hi Bas

Everyone who works on their DXCC should do it in their own way. I am working on my DXCC count in CW. If someone wants to chase DXCC in FT8, all good, but I find FT8 less of a challenge. It's a pass on me for Glorioso since he doesn't operate in CW, but that is ok. It's as you say, just a hobby and my life doesn't depends on it, hi. But what worries me a little is that this could lead to more and more stations taking the easy way out and do a RIB/FT8-expedition, which would be a pity for ops who like to achieve their DXCC in other modes.

73, Martin PE1EEC/PE6X

Jan, OZ9QV said...

Hi Bas,

I have a similar view on QSLs. If I have worked, I know, and that is enough to me. If I get a confirmation (QSL etc) it's perfect, if not, I still know.

FT8 or other weak signal modes has advantages that I will take when other stuff fails. The great disadvantage is that often I hear massive signals on FT8, and absolutely nothing in other modes which would be easy to make use of.

Personally I am not into robotic use, other than for propagation study/monitoring. There FT8 is an excellent tool.

Vy 73 de Jan, OZ9QV

PE4BAS, Bas said...

@Martin, yes CW is a real challenge. You can buy a computer and equipment for FT8 but CW is a skill. Although a lot do use CWskimmer decoding CW. It is indeed all about the challenge for yourself. Sometimes we read and experience thing that we are not too happy about. It makes the challenge even larger. good luck.

@Jan, yes FT8 is excellent for propagation study. I've made use of a robotic FT8 station at the 10m band in the solar minimum just to experience the use of it. I've learned a lot of it and it was interesting to experiment. I've also used SO2R robots for the PE75FREE activation, I found it very usefull to make as many contacts as possible which was of course the aim of the activation.

Personally I prefer SSB and am in progress of learning CW. If possible I prefer to work the DX on those modes. But in the end it doesn't matter what mode is used to work the DX.

73, Bas