Saturday, May 25, 2024

Radiorally Beetsterzwaag purchases

 It actually is the only radiorally I go to once a year. Not that I need something but just because I like to be there and take a look around. This and the last few years I go together with my colleague and fellow HAM PD8HW Herman. He was actually searching for a morse straight key and a tone generator to try learn CW. We found something he could use well and had some chats with others about learning CW.  

These days you can buy everything HAM radio, even worldwide! But you cannot buy the knowledge, you can't buy headcopy CW. You have to learn yourself and that's what makes this a excellent challenge in this beatiful radio hobby.

Back to buying stuff. I bought some things less important. You know, ferrite clamps, small meters, tiny 1 euro thingies. We noticed that prices went lower at the and when everyone packed to go. 

It was actually rainy weather this morning. And some of the things for sale went wet. It was in a box full of old baluns that I found a wet white box, a little sticky as well, with a piece of coax sticking out. I could barely read what it was but saw the call of famous Belgian balun builder ON7FU and hexbeam balun. From what I've seen on the internet these are good quality baluns and have a very high power rating. Bought it for 2 euro only! Cleaned it a little for the picture, it didn't look that white when I bought it. But it was actually a real bargain I think as they are 139 euro new. Although the text on it reads not to open the box I'm curious what is actually inside.... Oh yes, I am a experimental radio hobbyist.....I will open it :-)

Another thing I walked by a couple of times is a band pass/low pass filter for 6m and 4m. A military type of filter. I'm not able to find any info or specs on the internet. The seller assured me I could also transmit through it. Might not need it but it intrigued me. I could not resist buy it in the end...

Does anyone know any specs of this filter? I cannot find anything about the Welex electronics company as well...

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