Tuesday, August 1, 2023

The art of...

 The art of communication...

I had a great chat on 20m VarAC with EI7II Albert. Surprisingly in my native language which was of course a pleasure. Albert is living in southern Ireland and works 7 days a week for free to save animals at a sanctuary. It was niced talking to him. Actually I had to do several CQs before someone responded. Many give up on VarAC as it looks like it is only a beacon mode, but it isn't. I often think about the possebilities of this digicom software. I think there should be something else as chatting alone. Yes, there is a kind of e-mail possebility, that's nice. But after I send so many "V-mails" and get not anything in return it is kind of boring. It might be an idea to introduce some simple games you can play. Like chess or battleship. I remember playing battleship 25 years ago on packetradio, so....why not.

The art of electricity...

The wiring in our house is about 50-60 years old. The previous owner was not really an gifted electrician I think. I've replaced several junction boxes over the years with most of the time crappy twist-on connections between the wires. I'm now in the process of rebuilding part second floor and wiring is actually on the future third floor. I knew I had to replace another junction box and this evening it was the time for it because the other members of the family were out the house.

The old junction box was broken. All cables are old stiff thick cables with old color coded wires. When did they change the colors here in the Netherlands? Somewere in the seventies of last century. Imagine thats 50 years ago. The previous owner even managed to use 4mm wire to the garage from this junctionbox. Oh my, these days 2,5mm is normal. These thick wires do not fit in most used wire connectors. 

But all is solved. I think I am a magician ;-)


VE9KK said...

Good morning Bas, very nice wiring job and the final product looks good. Here in Canada we still use the twist on connectors (they are also call wing nuts, wire nuts or marrettes) In Canada house wire is all solid copper wire was well. But great job and much safer for your family.

Jeff Davis, KE9V said...

Greetings Bas!

Would like to QSO with you via VarAC one day perhaps in the Fall. I enjoy the mode but never get enough time with it. Seems like something much better suited to full-time service (dedicated radio/antenna) but I don't leave it running all the time. I do enjoy it though and look forward to chatting with you one day soon!

73 de Jeff KE9V

PE4BAS, Bas said...

@Mike, I learned to fit those "wire nuts" at school long time ago. It is not easy to make a real good one. Besides that it is a horror when you want to expand when you need an extra outlet or light. So most of the connectors are now "click on" nuts. You can easily remove them as well, I even use them at my antenna systems. They use less space as well. Solid copper here as well, normally AWG14 (2,5mm2) but the previous owner also used AWG12 (4mm2) which is very thick. Old cables are also very sturdy. 73, Bas

@Jeff, it would be nice to have a contact in VarAC. I don't let the system running all the time. Why should I. When needed I like to have it running for an hour or so. Calling with multiple CQs till someone connects. Sometimes there is a nice long chat following. But there are also "logfillers" that only want to exchange info and then disconnect. Hope to meet you in fall 2023. 73, Bas