Tuesday, August 15, 2023

SM6VNO's quest

 SM6VNO Ander's quest is to be able to detect PSK63 APRS transmissions on HF by programming software himself. You would probabely think this is a little outdated, software like pinpoint and APRS messenger already feature kind of the same thing. However it is the experiment that Anders is interested in. He asked for my help to transmit a test signal already in May this year. Unfortunately my signal was not received. Now Anders has upgraded his magnetic receive loop with some chokes in at the coax which helped a lot to improve receive. He asked to transmit a signal again and was finally able to receive me and forward kind of a location to APRS-FI.

As received/decoded by Anders his experimental software.

As plotted in the APRS map. Although the location is wrong, but not really important. The main experiment for now was to receive/decode my signal.

Find SM6VNO's website here: https://gavare.se/radio/

Experiments regarding HF APRS: https://gavare.se/radio/hfaprs.html

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