Tuesday, March 28, 2023

New digimode CW8

  A publication in the VERON monthly magazine Electron last month is about the new digimode CW8. So far not much is known about this mode since beta testers have to keep this a secret. Test are currently made on the 60m band. It is not known how successful they are. It seems that this digimode is a mix between CW and automation like the multi streams in MSHV. CW8 is mainly being developed for contesting. Decoding is probabely done with a kind of new AI decoder. I've written about this in this blog a few years ago. However 2014 was just to early for the development of software like this. 

Part of the Electron publication
  Some details: 8 streams of CW in 400Hz bandwidth. 7,5 second timeslots. In computer assisted mode (automatic) it is possible to make 2x8=16 QSOs per minute (QSO rate could be 960 QSO/h). Software will be available for Windows and Linux and macOS. Software is already tested with N1MM+ and Write-Log in Windows. Development for Android has been started.

As readers of the Electron magazine we had the opportunity to apply as beta tester. Unfortunately only 120 testers were allowed. Personally I just forgot to apply due to other obligations (job). But so far I heard signals on 60m.

Unfortunately UCIC refuses to give more info on this and wants to be shure the software works well before they will release in to the world amateurradio community. Expect they will have more information at the end of this week.

More info: https://ucictech.weebly.com/

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John AE5X said...

I like that Kenwood - with all those buttons, it's sure to be an amazing radio! Hopefully, it operates CW8 natively.

John AE5X