Friday, August 19, 2022

SWL (3)


Last listening session from Denmark this morning. The Tecsun did the ETM (Easy Tuning Mode) trick scanning and storing all available MW/SW stations within a few minutes. After that it is just a matter of reviewing the ETM temporarely memory to hear what is received. It works well but not for USB/LSB.

What really surprised me was receiving Radio Calypso day/night with a good signal over here. This is a LPAM station that located is close to my home QTH in the Netherlands. I remember listening to this radiostation already 40 years ago when this was a well known FM pirate station. Wow, it is still on air legally and providing room for other (ex) pirate stations to do their thing. Find the website in Dutch here: Not that I am a fan of the kind of music they play. I'm interested because of nostalgic reasons.

My list today:

13635 KHz AM Voice of Turkey with turkish folk music 09:43 UTC strong

15290 KHz AM NHK World Japan with talks in Japanese 09:44 UTC reasonable QSB

15320 KHz AM Radio France Int'l with talks in French 09:45 UTC reasonable QSB

15335 KHz AM China radio Int'l with talks in Russian 09:45 UTC reasonable QSB

17490 KHz AM China radio Int'l with talks in English 09:45 UTC strong

17570 KHz AM China radio Int'l with talks in English 09:46 UTC strong

648 KHz AM Radio Caroline with Pop music 09:47 UTC strong

693 KHz AM BBC radio 5 09:48 UTC strong

1053 KHz AM Talk sport radio 09:50 UTC strong

675 KHz AM Radio Calypso with Dutch music (smartlappen) 09:51 UTC strong

14275 KHz USB PH9HB/AM from a plane above Bordeaux France 09:56 UTC reasonable QSB

Everything received with the original antennas. I think more would be possible with bigger external antennas, I might think it over...I was really surprised by this small receiver for now.


John AE5X said...

Hi Bas - I wish the content on SW stations was more interesting. I like listening to music from various countries but it seems many stations now are religion-based. One refreshing departure from this trend is RNEI:

I wonder if you can hear them from your QTH?

John AE5X

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello John, tnx for the info. We came home yesterday. From my home QTH I can hear this station well on 6070KHz, weak at 9670KHz and very weak on 15770KHz at 15:45 UTC. Interesting station...have not heard it in Denmark. But of course I was limited with my antenna. 73, Bas