Saturday, August 6, 2022

Difference in 6m propagation

6m propagation can be very sporadic and very specific. Even a few kilometers/miles can make a huge difference. Besides that type and height of antenna is important. I only use a 5 element directional antenna on 6m at a height of about 14m. So far I think I do very reasonable. But today I saw many stations around me in the Netherlands making QSOs to the USA and Mexico. I didn't see anything from that direction at that time. So I decided to monitor since sometimes propagation is getting to a specific area in waves. I wrote about that before. The only problem is that it's like I'm always just a few meters from the surf. The difference between me and some other DXers in JO33 is sometimes large and very frustrating, To compare here are some pictures:

This is what I received this evening. Started monitoring around 17:30 UTC. In the end I received some from the west-coast and one station from Mexico.

To compare:

PA0O is a neighbour station about 20km south-west from my QTH also in JO33. I believe Jaap is using a 7 element monoband beam on about 20m height. He was heard in Hawaii with a strong signal. It is unknown to me if he worked Hawaii.

PE5T is a well known DXer at about 50km west from me also in JO33. According to his QRZ page using a 6 element monoband beam. Height is unknow but I think it is also about 20m heigh.

Top DXer PA5Y I think is one of the strongest and most fanatic 6m DXers from my country at the moment. From his QRZ page I think he is using a 7 element at 20m height. I know he managed a QSO with Hawaii this evening.

This kind of propagation is unexpected. Last year we had almost no DX at all on 6m. Very interesting to notice this. At the time I finish this post I still see contact made between Europe and USA and surrounding countries, although I only see some USA stations very sporadic and very weak. I wonder if next year 6m DX can be worked even later? 

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Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hallo Bas, met 6 meter moet je inderdaad zo veel mogelijk elementen hebben en zo hoog mogelijk. Zelfs op de korte golf 20 m en hoger zijn directional antennes in het voordeel. Ik heb soms wel het idee hoe hoger de breedte graad hoe lastiger het kan worden. En de condities op de banden zijn altijd weer een verrassing. 73 Paul