Friday, October 15, 2021

#60m 3DA2RU worked, but which QSO?


  I'm confused! I worked 3DA0RU on 60m FT8 but the QSOs were made without the normal protocol. I quit trying after the third try and still am in the log! But which QSO is valid?

QSO 1, got a-14, replied with R-16 but never received a RR73 or any 73 at all. So, how would I know if they received my report?

QSO 2, since they don't use F/H mode I sent a report to shorten the QSO. All I got was a -22, no R report. I was confused but logged it at first. But deleted it from the log after all since I thought it was a wrong decode from JTDX.

QSO 3, and again I get no R but just a report instead. Can't believe this is a wrong decode from JTDX again. I was really confused and decided to stop calling. 

I waited for the log update today...

Obviously one or more QSOs are valid for QSL. But which one? We'll see.


  1. Hi Bas, JTDX adds the asterisk symbol "*" to the decoded message when the message has been decoded ( rebuilt ) with the HINT decoders using known information (eg. the callsign and / or locator).

    In your first screenshot the message was correctly decoded completely, in the other two screenshots there is an asterisk in the red field in front of "Kingdom". Here the decoder added known information which it did not find in the signal due to e.g. interference.

    At signal strengths of -24 and -25 dB, the probability of incorrect decoding is very high.

    73 Ham, DB6LL

    1. Hello Hartmut, I didn't know this. Thanks for this information. That means the first QSO was probabely valid I only never received the RR73.

      73, Bas

  2. Bas, it's hard to say, it's a matter of faith. There are many many correct decodings, although the asterisk is displayed. Correct decodes where known information (just the callsign and the locator) is added during decoding to get the maximum of signals out of the noise.
    You can't disable it in the current version of JTDX :-( In WSJTX you disable it by turning off "Enable AP".

    73 Ham, DB6LL

  3. Good afternoon Bas, very interesting information I never knew this.


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas