Thursday, July 15, 2021

8J1RL Antarctica


Normally through the week I only have time for the hobby late in the evening. The main bands in summer are 6m and 4m. Besides that a little 10m and 12m. Always looking for new DX...

However....all those 4 upper bands seem to be death last 2 days in the evening. So I went down to 17m, worked a lot of interesting DX yesterday. Today I decided to go for 30m again. After I worked Japan, Djibouti and the Philippines I suddenly saw 8J1RL from Antarctica calling. Some station I never heard/seen and worked before although I heard of it.

I managed to make a QSO.

Some info from their blog:

We received a recent report on 8J1RL from Syowa Station's Kondo member / JG3PLH, who will be overwintering for the fourth time.

This content is also sent to W3UR, The Daily DX Editor.-

QTH SYOWA station, ANTARCTICA (69.00S, 39.35E)

Callsign 8J1RL 

Operators Takumi Kondo (JG3PLH), Kazuhisa Ohshita

Dates Feb.2021-Jan.2022

Rig ICOM IC7610, IC7300

Power 50W

Antennas 4El.Yagi (20/15 / 10m), 3El.Yagi (30/17 / 12m), Wire (40m)

Bands 40-10m

Modes SSB, CW, FT8


So, this year I will go with ICOM.

The site has just finished the wintering change with the 61st on the 20th, and it is said that the 8J1RL operation will be a little further ahead because it is busy with observation preparations and summer closing.

I also did one QSO with 20m CW last year, so I hope I can watch it a little more seriously this year.

As a separate matter, 8J1RL is not a real-time update, but it seems to support LoTW.

de Yoshikawa / JG2MLI

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