Sunday, June 6, 2021

#6m RX Japan, 3A2MW worked, the XE2JS case...


Already bored by the maps? I can't help it since 6m DX is very addictive. 

This morning I was able to see Japan first time in 2021. You don't hear it these days, the computer listens to the audio and displays through software a callsign and signal on your screen. Some signals are not even audible......I realize this does sounds strange for someone that is not into this HAMradio hobby. Anyway, I was able to get my signal into Japan but PSK reporter does not show it, the station receiving me probabely didn't report. Unfortunately fading was fast today and we couldn't finish the QSO.

The weather here is cold and wet and so I had time to play radio. I managed to work another new one this afternoon. 3A2MW from Monaco. Not the biggest DX but though it is rare to work one of the few HAMradio operators from that DXCC. Imagine propagation should really be good since receiving radio signals in Monaco is hard. Since Franco's call is used by pirate stations you always have to check his log...

About pirate stations. Many received XE2JS on 6m today with strong signals. I even received this station with -4dB. I was surprised and turned my beam to the west-north-west towards Mexico. Unfortenately XE2JS's signal disappeared.....turning the beam back to the south gave him a big signal again. Other stations reported the same thing on the KST chat. Most likely a pirate station transmitting from France or Spain...


  1. Amazing stuff, Bas! I don't think I ever heard JA on 6m, but I don't have a good view to JA from here, and the antenna is probably too small, anyway. I will have to try from the beach with a vertical!

    1. Hello John, if you try please look at the times that Japan has been received in your area. Very important as it could be only a 10 minute timespan. Size of antenna is not really important since I received Japan/Korea back on my vertical back in 2017. That vertical was only at 6m height.

      It is just the time listening and propagation of course. Most likely happens when PMSE/NLC is happening around the longest day. Good luck, 73, Bas


Thanks for your comment. Bedankt voor je reactie. 73, Bas