Monday, October 26, 2020

Last time ZL on 60m

 Although I was participating in the CQWW SSB DX contest I took one hour off the contest especially to work ZL stations on 60m for the last time Saturday morning. Others did as well, it was very busy on 5362 KHz FT8. First contact again was with ZL4OL. But also had QSOs with ZL1MTO, ZL2CC and ZL2LW. For a short moment I had a try on SSB on 5353 KHz with ZL4OL, he could hear me clearly but I didn't hear him. Too much noise on 60m. I really need a separate receive antenna for that band in te future. Hopefully ZL stations will have the 60m band access back in the near future.

The busy 5362 frequency had a bad side effect. A few did try CW but unfortunately had a lot of QRM from the FT8 "gamers". I feel sorry for them as I didn't notice any CW signals, I only read it on social media afterwards.

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