Sunday, June 28, 2020

FD? DX or not?

There was finally some propagation with the USA on 10m this afternoon. Happy me.....not. They are all calling FD, so what the heck??? So I just gave a report and in return I get a strange code. What do I have to send as report? I really didn't know and I realized too late it is FieldDay in the USA. I should have take notice before calling. So I installed WSJT-X new version again and searched for the FD rules to see what the FD setup should be. It seems the first number is the amount of radios you use, second is the class in which you participate (D is for home station not portable) and AL in the case would be the state (I guess Alabama?). I should have been answering something like WA1FCN PE4BAS 1D DX. DX because I'm from abroad. Well, I tried a few fieldday stations after I installed everything correct but no one replied. No problem, next year I'll try again.
6m/4m propagation today. Not really special for me, no new DXCC. Nothing special heard though I worked some nice stations.

You cannot have it all. I saw several Dutch DXers making contact with XE2X (Mexico) on 6m this evening. Is it a matter of bad luck for me? Or is their equipment much better. I think both....a 5 element yagi on about 15m high is not really serious equipment for DX, I just need much more luck with good propagation. I really didn't see anything from XE2X at all...I don't believe in much power but I do believe a big or a stack antenna would help a lot.

We are just at the the center of the summer ES propagation cycle, I know anything can happen. Even in August there can still be very good propagation. And July still has to come...besides what would be the fun if I could hear or see everything and work all the DX.

All those world maps are a bit boring don't you think so. Here some other pictures:

Our tomatoes are blooming now. It will take at least a month till our full grown tomatoes are ready.


  1. I had some weird person send "NO FD WARC" to me from the US on 12m yesterday. It's a mystery as to why, because I wasn't participating or operating as a contester! Maybe the radio bands are the new social media, where we can all abuse one another for things we haven't actually done!

    I can smell those tomato plants from here...

    1. Hello John, yep that's strange. So far am not shure if the WARC bands were allowed for FD. This station had probabely forgotten to change his message after warning someone else? I was totally surprised by the code they sent me. I did apologize via the DXcluster, hope to did read it.

      Yes, the plants have a distinctive smell, not really my favorite. Though I like tomatoes.... ;-)

      I saw several DXcluster spots from 6m with your call. Hope you did some nice DX. Unfortunately haven't seen you on 6.

      73, Bas


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