Sunday, June 28, 2020

4m, 6m and 10m DX today

I already noticed that the 4m band is open very briefly. It is a short "window" of ES you can use to make contacts and it can be very strong one moment and gone the other. I know it is the same on the 6m band but overall propagation holds on a little longer there. However I managed to catch a few new ones on 4m today: Croatia, Balearic isl, Spain and Slovak republic got it into the log! I almost got a contact with EA9 (Cueta&Mellila, north Africa), on SSB that was. He heard me but propagation was not holding on long enough.

Started this morning on 6m. I guess I was too late, or at least I think so. Big signals from Japan on both 50.313 and 50.323MHz FT8. But whatever I tried I didn't get a response on calling. Frustration gets very high when I see "neighbour" PA0O calling and get 3 replies from Japan in one time slot! His antenne probabely has twice the height compared to my antennaheight and I guess he's using some more power? I kept trying and at least I was received by JA6GCE and JN4MIV both reported -19dB.

I know, I did work Japan last year it is not that important. Though I want to confirm that my new beam is at least as good. This was probabely a "spotlight" matter, I was just on the edge and PA0O was just in there. It happens more often.

As a matter of fact I'm selling the 6m ZX yagi. It's a good antenna but only 6m. Now with the dual band beam I can use it on both 6m and 4m, If anyone is interested?

I saw a fellow dutch station contacting W4TAA, a few moments later I saw him as well. Unfortunately he didn't came back for my call. It is the only station from USA heard on 6m today.

When 6m propagation died early this evening I decided to try 10m for a while. At first it seems there was no propagation but when turning the beam to the west I saw J69DS from St.Lucia and a few moments later I was in the log. Later this evening I did it again with J68HZ. While writing this post I still see stations once and a while...trying to call them but no luck. Calling CQ I was at least heard in Florida, USA.

I receive far more as I can reach, at least that is what I experience. The 4 element LFA beam certainly has a low noise pick up. Actually I have the idea that the new dual band yagi is not picking up much noise either.

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