Friday, January 27, 2017

#hamradio abbreviations (for my dad)

This blogpost is for my dad (as well for others who are interested). He noticed some amateurradio abbreviations I often use in my blog are difficult to find on the internet. Of course that's not true, it's just a matter of the searching with the right search words. But the list with abbreviations is long, too long. Many Q'codes are not in everyday use, a list like Q Signals, Prosigns and CW abbreviations is long and not even complete. So I just highlight the most used (in my blog).


QRM - Interference (by another signal)
QRN - Interference (by static)
QRP - Station use 5W or lower power to transmit
QRO - Station use more as 5W to transmit
QRT - Stop transmitting/receiving
QRV - Ready to transmit/receive
QRX - A short stop
QRZ - Who is calling me?
QSB - Signals are fading
QSK - break into transmission (although not much in use in QSOs)
QSL - Confirmation of the contact, sometimes used on air to confirm a message has been received.
QSO - Communication/contact with another station
QSY - Move to another frequency
QTH - Location

CW (morse) abbreviations, some are also used in phone:

AGN - Again
AM - Amplitude modulation
ANT - Antenna
B4 - Before
BCI - Broadcast (Radio) Interference
BUG - Semi automatic key (to transmit morse)
CQ - Calling any station
CW - Continues Wave - Morse code
DX - Distant - Distance
FB - Fine Business, Excellent
FM - Frequency modulation
GA - Good afternoon
GM - Good morning
GN - Good night
HI - The telegraph laugh
HR - Here, Hear
HW - How
LID - Poor operator (not in terms of money)
LSB - Lower side band modulation
MSG - Message
N - Nine
NIL - Nothing
NW - Now
OM - Old Man (most of amateurradio operators are old ;-) )
OP - Operator
PSE - Please
PWR - Power
R - Received as transmitted (RRR is common)
RFI - Radio Frequent Interference
RIG - Station equipment
RTTY - Radio Tele Type, text via radiotransmission
RX - Receiver
SASE - Self Addressed Envelope (to send QSL in)
SKED - Schedule
SRI - Sorry
SSB - Single Side Band modulation
T - Zero
TNX/TKS - Thanks
TU - To You
TVI - Television Interference
TX - Transmiiter
USB - Upper Side band modulation
UR - You, you're, Your
VY - Very
WKD - Worked
WX - Weather
XYL - Married YL, Wife
YL - Young Lady

These are the most used in my opinion. Overall abbreviations are mainly used in morsecode.
Most "Q" codes are also very common in phone (speech).

When you end a QSO you normally end your transmission with:

73 - Best regards
88 - Love and kisses (in case you are a (X)YL)


  1. Hi Bas
    You forgot TU (maybe unofficial but frequently used)

  2. Replies
    1. I've thought about it Hans but it is a abbreviation only used for Flora Fauna activations. Not very common. This list above is imcomplete and shows only the most used. 73, Bas

    2. Hallo bas, 44 en 88 zijn best gangbaar in CW taal. 73 Paul PC4T


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