Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A small 4A power supply

Look, matching display colors!
Mean Well RS 50-12 12V 4A power supply €18,30 (Conrad electronics)
ABS box 120x122x55mm €19,20
Pelican Maxivolt €10
Fuse holder with fuse €1,50
Mains supply cord €0 (from old appliance)
Bolts/nuts/ring/wire/ferrite ring/connectors €0 (junkbox).
Digital mini voltage meter €1,25

Total value: €40,25 euro.

I had fun to build this one as tight as possible. The PS is small enough to bring with me and has enough power to feed the FT-817. When constructing I found a very small blue mini voltage meter which gives it all a professional and luxury look (tnx LA3ZA).

Blue box on top is overvoltage protection
I removed later

I had no idea if the Mean Well powersupply has overvoltage protection but just to be shure I add a Pelikan Maxivolt over/undervoltage protection module. After all this is not needed since this PS has overvoltage protection. I removed the Maxivolt module to simplify and reduce weight. I have not searched for best price but I guess you can get these mean well power supply modules for less. The ABS box was even more expensive I guess that can be bought cheaper as well. In case you'll think this thing will make QRM like some other cheap chinese made switched power supplies, this PS is equipped with a EMI filter and to be shure I add a ferrite ring in the mains power cord as well inside the box I cannot hear any noise on my FT-817 coming from the supply at all.

I tested the supply first on my small W5OLF WSPR transmitter for a few days. Now it is ready I test it with my FT-817 on 1W WSPR. So far the supply does a good job and seems to be reliable.


murcielagoblack said...

Lo encuentro practico.

Hans said...

Hallo Bas, dat heb je mooi ingebouwd. En met de V-meter altijd handig. Vaak kun je deze ook schakelen als A-meter met een shuntweerstand. Dan kun je zien of hij abnormale stroom trekt. Mogelijkheden genoeg. En lekker licht qua gewicht dus ideaal voor op vakantie. Succes ermee.
73 Hans, PE1BVQ.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hallo Hans, deze kan je niet als A-meter gebruiken volgens mij. Is ook niet echt van belang, ik wil gewoon zien dat hij aan staat dat het een voltmeter is met de kleur blauw is mooi meegenomen. 73, Bas