Friday, November 18, 2016

Some news

It doesn't happen often but I have to write about some news I found.

First of all, DL4MFM adventure radio recently updated his interesting log analyzing page.

This is really a simple graphic page with enough features to analyze your log fast. DL4MFM did add some features like worked squares and fields.

SOTA beam in the UK now developed the WSPRlite module. It works pretty
much like my W5OLF WSPR transmitter only this one seems to have a GPS clock (or so?) inside. The module is capable of transmitting 160-20m (no 60m). It does have filters for 30 and 20m but you can add a LPF for other bands. It can be programmed via USB and works with a simple phone charger as PSU. You can follow the performances via their new site: both on computer as tablet or phone. They claim you can check the performance of antennas and you can make a comparisation with other stations or other locations. I think it's really interesting and a good start to do something with WSPR data. Although personally I still would like to see in which DXCC my small signal has been received. I still hope for some website, app or software that can automaggicaly substract that out of the data found on

New in the frysian 11 cities contest this Sunday is the use of 40m instead of 80m as HF band. This opens new possebilities and challenges. NVIS on the 40m band is a complete different story compared to the "easy" 80m band. Nearby contacts could be impossible on 40m or they could be very loud depending on propagation at the moment of the contest. Find a old article and a handy multiplier card here:

Contest this Sunday 21 november between 10-13 UTC, international participants welcome. Rules here. (80m must be 40m this year).

I got my repaired MFJ-259B back today. Leo PA0LMD from did a great and fast job. He exchanged the faulty diodes and did a calibration for a reasonable price. He did let me know the device was ready by e-mail so I knew it was on its way to me. I can certainly recommend this repair service at least for Dutch radioamateurs. The MFJ-259B analyzer is the most important device to me besides my multimeter.

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