Monday, October 10, 2016

The hunt for new WSPR DXCC

It has been a while I hunted for new DXCC on WSPR. Sometimes it takes time before new DXCC show up on WSPR. A new one would be E51WL (North Cook Isl.) but so far he didn't copy much from Europe as far as I can see. However I have the feeling DX will be better again this time of the year. You can see that in PE1ITR's WSPR challenge too, the lines are rising! I saw 9K2/VO1DZA in the activity list on many bands at the same time. I guess he's receiving SDR style. So I aimed my 1 Watt arrow on him for a new DXCC. But it wasn't that easy. After more then 48 hours I was finally spotted on 20m. Only 2 times but enough for a new one in my list (nr. 81). Now, thinking about E51WL, I think best band would be 30m. But so far he spotted only JA, VK and ZL. So, I checked the activity list and found VR2UIF (Hong Kong), it would be a new one as well but see the same for him, spotted only JA, VK and ZL. Anyway, I keep an eye on them. What I find strange is that there are not many stations active on WSPR from south en central America. I did spot some of them in the past but also in the activity list you will not find many. Is it the propagation? Well I don't think so. But WSPR seems not to be populair there yet.

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